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2023 Mink Hair Weave Black Friday Hair And Wig Deals – The Best Sale Of The Year

By Jayda-Mink Hair Weave | 21 November 2023 | 1 Comments
The Black Friday Sale is the only biggest promotion for the year on minkhairweave.com. You will never get the cheapest and best human hair wigs, bundles with closures at other times. And all of our products are prepared for you with top quality and the best prices. So, we advise you to collect our shop and pay attention to it. The big sale will begin on that day on 17th Nov. Good luck to you!
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How to melt the lace on lace wig?

By Jayda-Mink Hair Weave | 19 October 2023 | 22 Comments
If you are planning on getting a lace wig and you are a wig beginner, through this lace frontal wig install tutorial, hope you can laid one down and know how to melt a lace wig and make it look as natural as possible.
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New Glueless HD Lace 100% Human Hair Wig

By Jayda-Mink Hair Weave | 25 September 2023 | 6 Comments
The glueless wig is the easiest wig to wear of all wigs. It is the best choice for wig beginners. This is because the best way to solve the problem of wig selection for beginners is to start with the simplest wig and thus start learning more about other types of wigs. Read on to learn more about glueless wigs, how to install them and why they’re worth your investment.
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Ways To Make A Wig Fit Tighter

By Jayda-Mink Hair Weave | 31 August 2023 | 7 Comments
We know some wig wear may experience this situation. When you receive your dream wig, but find it is too big for you so that the wig can not fit your head perfectly. It is surely an anxious problem. In order to help you have a natural look, we especially collect some of the most effective ways how to tighten a wig that is too big.
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How to install HD lace front wig?

By Jayda-Mink Hair Weave | 28 July 2023 | 11 Comments
HD lace front wigs give the most natural hairline from ear to ear and a big free part area. You can style your frontal wig like your own hair, like freely part it to any direction.  With a good lace front wig install, you’ll look flawless during special occasions, casual outings, or even when you’re just chilling out on the couch.
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