How to Choose the Right Hair Color

How to Choose the Right Hair Color

By Jennifer | 13 September 2018 | 0 Comments

Choosing a hair color isn’t as easy as simply picking out a color you like. There are a lot of factors to contemplate before picking a color for your hair. In order to decide on the right hair color for you, plan out your new look, consider your complexion, and take other factors, such as your age, into consideration.

Planning Your New Look: Think about how drastic you would like your color change to be.  Decide if you want to get a haircut as well. Take the impact of different colors into consideration.  Think about how often you are willing to get touch-ups. Collect physical and digital pictures of hair colors and styles that you like.

Considering Your Natural Coloring: Try a copper blonde or chestnut brown if you have warm coloring. Go with ash brown or strawberry blonde if you have cool coloring. Do a chocolate brown or auburn color if you have neutral coloring. Choose a dark hair color if you have dark skin. Go with a light hair color if you have fair skin.

Taking Other Factors Into Consideration: Pick a color that feels right. Keep your age in mind. Consider the healthiness of your hair.


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