Make a Video To Get Paid
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Make a Video To Get Paid
How to make a profit by making a video for Mink Hair Weave
Can you imagine that you could earn money just by posting a video on YouTube? There you go. Mink Hair Weave show time is coming

How to participate?
YouTube Video Reviews

Every participant gets $20 cash back 
over 1k views, $50 cash back
over 2k views, $100 cash back
over 3k views, $150 cash back
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(Each order is limited to participate once only)

1. Title: our brand (Mink Hair Weave) or website ( should be included

2. Add Description: Put the link of the relevant products; Put on our information (website, / WhatsApp, email etc.)

3. Video: Describe features of our hair/wig, its style and share your thoughts about it

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Email: [email protected]  

Email: [email protected]  
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